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Aug 28, 2019

How to test deep links when an iOS app is killed

Configure the app scheme

  1. Navigate to the scheme for the project in Xcode.
  2. Under the Run section's Info tab, there is a Launch radio button.
  3. Make sure Wait for executable to be launched instead of Automatically.

Run the app

Run the app from Xcode. It will not open on the device / simulator, as the debugger will wait for it to open and then will attach to its process.

Test deep link using simctl, a xcrun subcommand

Open your terminal and use this command: xcrun simctl openurl booted [http://yourdomain/path]. It should open your app on the device / simulator.

Breakpoints are supported for debugging purposes.

Issues so far

  • NSLog / print statements might not output to the console, so if no breakpoint is set, it would appear as though the debugger had not attached to the app at all.
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